Super CPK

The combination Octogrip Couplers / Octogrip profiles  prevent any twisting problems between Octogrip profiles and jaw’s coupler. (KGSD patent)

Heavy Duty Double Boom Pivot disigned to receive Octogrip Profiles as well standard tubing 48/50mm.

  • Perfect to mount and adjust heavy butterfly frame on Light stand.
  • Perfect to built  strong « Light Offsets » (specialy with Octogrip profiles).
  • Super CPK is used as pivot in the Octojib package.

2 Specific base included

  •  28mm spigot (Light stand Mount)
  • 1′ screew, bolt & Mitchell washer (Any Mitchell Mounts)


  • Max Payload 150kg
  • Equipped with 2 Octogrip Couplers
  • Compatibility: Octogrip profiles & standard  48/50mm tubing.
  • Pan & double Tilt brake
  • Bearing on Pan & Tilt for smooth moves ajustements
  • Octojib Pantograph Fitting holes
  • Weight: 7kg

Product Ref: POG200