The 4 interchangeable Car Mount Frame use or specific Extruded aluminium profile Octogrip*, allowing to receive the Sliding Spyder Mountthe Sliding Gekko Clamp & the Side Mount Bracket.

The Car Mount Frames are compatible with scaffolding couplers (diam. 48-50mm) adding uncompromised options to rig your camera on a vehicle

4 different Car Mount Frame are available

  • 750 mm Ref: POG187 
  • 1000 mm Ref: POG188 / Soft bag  Ref: X7-932
  • 1500 mm Ref: POG189 / Soft bag Ref: X7-933
  • 1750 mm Ref: POG190 / Soft bag Ref: X7-934

Other length possible on request.

Long Frames are highly useful for multiple cameras set up or camera offset (over slung and underslung)