Ultra Hight Precision Camera Sliders range



Machined out of a specific extruded aluminum profile. The KGS Dev. Sliders are available in lengts from 64cm to 280cm. Precison stainless steel  tracks and rollers are protected by the slider extruded profile. Supplied with magnetic stops, sliding base brakes and sliding bases push pin lockers. Choice on 3 different sliding bases, 3 different dolly mounts and 1 detachable 360° rotation unit.

Different sizes

Kgs Dev. Camera Slider is available in different sizes:

Other sizes available on your specific requirements.

Different Sliding Bases

3 different Sliding Bases are available

Multiple Sliding bases can be mounted on the same slider track (allowing multiple camera mouv on the same slider track)

Differents Dolly Mounts

The KGS Dev. Sliders can be mounted on dolly using:

> Mitchell Mount

> European Coupling

> Chapman Screew, bolt & washer

> Flat

Couples of mounts can be fixed on the slider offering multi support for long slider


Lockable 360° Rotation Unit

> Detachable Rotative Support allowing to rotate the slider on 360°