The Basic Car Mount is A lighter system for easier camera installations

Easy to use 

The Basic Car Mount allows easy camera set up on front mount & side mount while keeping basic camera positions adjustment.

  • The Sliding Wedge Plate allows rigging cameras on Front Mode or Side Mode
  • The Sliding Wedge Plate allows basic tuning on camera position (large range on camera hight on side mount + large range of camera slide in front mode).
  • The Plate Clamp fit on the Wedge Plate allowing to receive the full Gekko Cup range (1, 2, 3 or 4 cups)
  • The rubber Gekko cup glue to the car simply by « Pushing On »  (7 Kg / Cup)



Easy fixation on vehicles

Thanks to the Gekko Cup, simply « Push » the Basic Car Mount on the vehicle to glue it… strap it for security, and rig the camera on the 4 Way Leveling, Tilting & Paning Head for basic tuning position.



Basic Car Mount System compatible parts


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